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Botanicals, plant-to-print dyes, techniques and projects

"Learn how to transform foraged wild plants, plants, garden produce and recycled food into dyes and inks with Botanical Inks. The book shows you how to extract environmentally sustainable colour from the landscape and use it to create natural dyes for textiles, clothing, paper and other materials. Botanical Inks covers dyeing and surface application techniques, including bundle dyeing, Shibori tie-dyeing, hapazome, indigo sugar vat dyeing, wood-block printing, screen printing and more. And it also shows you how to turn your new inks, dyes and technique knowledge into wonderful projects, from a simple bundle-dyed a scarf to a block-printed tote bag. The process of turning plants into print can help you reconnect with nature, find a creative outlet and develop a mindful sense of presence. It also promotes an awareness of sustainable practices and how to reduce our impact on the planet."--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Botanical inks: an introduction to natural dyeing -- Fibres, mordants and modifiers: how to choose the fibre and fix the dye -- Making dyes: how to make and use a dye bath -- Dye colours: understanding dye materials and the colours they produce -- Dyeing techniques: learn how to apply colour and print, from bundle dyeing to screen printing -- Projects: combine your skills to make beautiful accessories and homewares
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
191 pages, color illustrations, 26 cm

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