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The living forest, a visual journey into the heart of the woods, photography by Robert Llewellyn ; written by Joan Maloof - hardcover

The Living Forest is a journey into one of the planet's most familiar yet most mysterious habitats. Learn the science behind the wonder, as you gaze down on a pine tree canopy brimming with nesting herons, go nose-to-nose with a larval salamander, witness time-lapse imagery of emerging leaves, and marvel at the stranger-than-fiction ways plants, insects, mammals, birds, and fungi interact and cooperate. In this realm, the tiny and the grand, the living and the dead, the seen and the unseen all have essential roles to play.--INSIDE FLAP
Table Of Contents
Toward the sky: the canopy and bird life -- Eyes all over: leaves -- A deep breath: lungs of the land -- World of water: cycles and creatures -- On the ground: animals of the forest floor -- The middle realm: trunks -- Shedding and resting: autumn and winter -- Budding: winter into spring -- Flowers and fruits: spring into summer -- Connections: roots and fungi -- The only-green: moss and fern -- The spirit of the forest
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
260 pages, color illustrations, 29 x 29 cm

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