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How we live is how we die, Pema Chödrön ; edited by Joseph Waxman - hardcover

"Beloved Buddhist nun and bestselling author Pema Chödrön's wise words on working with the countless changes in our lives to find more freedom and less fear. As much as we might try to resist, endings happen in every moment-the end of a relationship, the end of a day, the end of a breath, and ultimately the end of life. And behind each ending is a beginning-though it may be unclear what the beginning holds. How We Live is How We'll Die shares Pema Chödrön's wise words on working with this flow of life-learning to live with more ease, joy, and compassion though uncertainty; embracing new beginnings; and ultimately preparing for death with more wonder and less fear. Beloved teacher Pema Chödrön writes this book in her 85th year, and her insights on making friends with change are poignant for readers of all ages. This book shares Pema's thoughts on the bardos-the Tibetan teachings on what happens between this life and the next-and how they are relevant in each moment of our life now. She also shares wisdom on working with challenging emotions of craving, aggression, and ignorance, transforming them into a path of awakening and love. The more freedom we can find in our hearts and minds as we live, the more fearlessly we'll be able to confront death and life's countless changes"--, Provided by publisher
Literary Form
non fiction
First edition.
Physical Description
xii, 221 pages, illustrations, 22 cm

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