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The dollar bill origami book, 30 designs that turn money into art, Janessa Munt ; diagrams by Márcio Noguchi - print

Take your regular origami hobby to the next level with dollar bill origami?the art of folding beautiful designs with the humble dollar bill. The unique size, shape, texture, and pattern of dollar bills provide a world of possibilities to create bigger and better models you?ve never seen before! Origami artist Janessa Munt provides 30 of her very own dollar bill origami designs, each of them intricate, highly unique, and full of personality. Learn how to fold a single uncut dollar bill into a rose or create a model of a shark complete with eyes and teeth from the patterns on the dollar bill. Master your money and put together other models such as a curious bulldog, a tyrannosaurs rex mid-roar, a Thanksgiving turkey, a mermaid, Capricorn the goat, and many more! Each model is accompanied by clear and concise step-by-step diagrams as well as full color photographs of particular steps. With models categorized according to difficulty, there is something for readers of every skill level, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced folder. Throw yourself into a new hobby, impress your friends, and turn that spare dollar bill in your pocket into a whimsical, stunning work of art
Table Of Contents
Supplies -- Legend -- Cutting paper to a dollar bill-sized ratio -- Simple models -- Square -- Box 1 -- Box 2 -- Cat head -- Erlenmeyer flask -- Fish -- Heart -- Lily -- Simple bird -- Tulip -- Intermediate models -- Bow -- Bow-tie -- Bulldog -- Crane -- Goat -- Manatee -- Manta ray -- Norman the duck -- Rat -- Seal -- Snake -- Turkey -- Walrus -- Advanced models -- Mermaid -- Shooting star -- T-rex
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
viii, 141 pages, illustrations, color, 19 cm

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