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My delicious garden, written by Anne-Marie Fortin ; illustrated by Julien Castanié ; translated by Heather Camlot - hardcover

"The year has just begun. But even in January, with the snow still falling, a little girl is already imagining the great big vegetable garden of her dreams. Month by month, this little gardener describes all the different stages of her garden, and the hard work and careful planning that must go into it before she can reap the juicy rewards. In January, she dreams about the day that the first shoots will push through the surface of the soil. In February, she draws up her garden plans on grid paper, deciding where all the different fruits and vegetables will go. In March, she sows tiny seeds in egg shells; in April she sees the first leaves of her tiny seedlings; and in May, it's finally time for planting outside. In June, she inspects her garden carefully every day, waiting patiently for July--her favourite month of all--when the harvest begins! In October and November, after the leaves fall and the first snow has settled, the garden is once again at rest. And in December, all those summer treasures are arranged on a festive table, and the little gardener gathers with loved ones in a celebration over a table of home grown food."--, Provided by publisher
Literary Form
Translation of: Mon beau potager. Translated by: Heather Camlot
Physical Description
1 volume (unpaged), color illustrations, 24 cm

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