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Shrill, notes from a loud woman, Lindy West - paperback

"Presents a series of essays by the American writer and comedian, dealing with issues of body image, popular culture, feminism, and social justice, "--NoveList
Table Of Contents
Lady Kluck -- Bones -- Are you there, Margaret? It's me, a person who is not a complete freak -- How to stop being shy in eighteen easy steps -- When life gives you lemons -- You're so brave for wearing clothes and not hating yourself! -- The red tent -- Hello, I am fat -- Why fat lady so mean to baby men? -- Strong people fighting against the elements -- The day I didn't fit -- Chuckletown, USA, population: jokes -- Death wish -- It's about free speech, it's not about hating women -- The tree -- The end -- The beginning -- Slaying the troll -- Abortion is normal, it's okay to be fat, and women don't have to be nice to you
Literary Form
non fiction
First edition.
Physical Description
viii, 260 pages, 21 cm

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