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The last Olympian, Rick Riordan - (pbk.)

The long-awaited prophecy surrounding Percy Jackson's sixteenth birthday unfolds as he leads an army of young demigods to stop Kronos in his advance on New York City, while the Olympians struggle to contain the rampaging monster, Typhon
Table Of Contents
I go cruising with explosives -- I meet some fishy relatives -- I get a sneak peek at my death -- We burn a metal shroud -- I drive my dog into a tree -- My cookies get scorched -- My math teacher gives me a lift -- I take the worst bath ever -- Two snakes save my life -- I buy some new friends -- We break a bridge -- Rachel makes a bad deal -- A Titan brings me a present -- Pigs fly -- Chiron throws a party -- We get help from a thief -- I sit on the hot seat -- My parents go commando -- We trash the Eternal City -- We win fabulous prizes -- Blackjack gets jacked -- I am dumped -- We say good-bye, sort of
Literary Form
First edition
Physical Description
381 pages, map, 22 cm.

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