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The pulse of mixed media, secrets and passions of 100 artists revealed, Seth Apter

Listen closely...can you hear it? Can you hear the voices? Thoughts, insights, confessions from the creative community sharing ideas, trading secrets, venting frustrations; asking and answering questions such as, "What color rarely shows up in your work?" or "How do you express vulnerability in your art?" Or "What is one current trend that you wish would go away?" As artists, we are curious by nature and there is a longing to see inside the hearts and minds of artistic souls of our own kind. That is the beat of our lives - The Pulse of Mixed Media ! --Publisher
Table Of Contents
Spotlight artists: Orly Avineri -- Nina Bagley -- Vivian Bonder -- John Borrero -- Pam Carriker -- Angela Cartwright -- Alicia Caudle -- Karen Cole -- Jen Crossley -- Sarah Fishburn -- Robyn Gordon -- Danny Gregory -- Lisa Hoffman -- Lynne Hoppe -- Patricia Larsen -- Don Madden -- Robert Maloney -- Leslie Marsh -- Leslie Avon Miller -- Bridgette Guerzon Mills -- Lynne Perrella -- JoAnnA Pierotti -- Julie Prichard -- Gary Reef -- Roxanne Evans Stout -- Michelle Ward -- Donna Watson -- Judy Wilkenfeld -- Judy Wise -- Linda Woods -- Jill Zaheer
Literary Form
non fiction
First edition
Includes index
Physical Description
143 pages, color illustrations, 26 cm.

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