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Snakes of the Eastern United States, Whit Gibbons - alkaline paper

Table of contents
All about snakes. Why snakes? ; General biology of snakes ; Snake diversity ; Food and feeding ; Predators ; Defense ; Reproduction ; Locomotion ; Activity ; Temperature biology ; Identifying snake species of the eastern United States -- Species accounts. Introduction ; How to use the species accounts ; Small terrestrial snakes ; Midsized terrestrial snakes ; Large terrestrial snakes ; Watersnakes ; Venomous snakes ; Introduced species -- People and snakes. What is a herpetologist? ; Urban snakes. Most common snakes found in 25 of the largest eastern cities ; Snakes as pets ; Snake conservation ; Attitudes about snakes ; Frequently asked questions about snakes -- What snakes are found where you live? What kinds of snakes are found in your state? ; Conservation statues of snakes in the eastern United States ; Distribution of all snake species ; Distribution of venomous snake species
Literary form
non fiction
Physical description
416 pages, color illustrations, maps, 25 cm.

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