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Digging bar, San Angelo bar

A digging bar is a long, heavy metal bar used to dig, pry and lever. Common uses include breaking up or loosening hard or compacted materials such as clay soil, rock, concrete, or frozen ground, and moving or breaking up tree roots and obstacles. It is often used where space would not allow the use of a pickaxe. It can also be used as a post hole digger, a lever to move objects or a “paperweight” for holding down tarpaulins or other materials that might be inclined to blow away. The San Angelo bar is a type of digging bar with a wedge at one end and a point at the other, which provide two different tool functions in one tool. The point is for breaking hard materials and prying, while the chisel-like wedge is for cutting, digging, breaking and prying
Tool weighs 17 pounds
Physical Description
1 bar, 183 cm +, 1 laminated information card.

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